Mega Airport - Berlin Brandenburg

SODE Jetways

At this page we provide optional SODE jetways. Our BER scenery is delivered with custom made high definition animated jetways following the SDK techniques (CTRL-J). Nevertheless some users prefer to use SODE jetways instead. Therefore we provide those as a free and unsupported download option for our scenery. Please recognize that we do not provide any troubleshooting support for SODE or those SODE jetways and do not guarantee the function in future versions of Prepar3d in combination with SODE since these are third party programs. You can allways switch back to our SDK jetways.

Please do not forget to donate to the SODE author for using SODE:

Instructions for the installation are within the ZIP file.
SODE for "Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg Professional" (tested with Prepar3D 4.2)