Are there alternatives to our map?

Ah well, there is and we want to be fair enough to let you know all the options you have:
Just "google" for "Trinidad Car Navigation" and you will find one or more commercial alternatives to our map. Please note that due to legal obligations we are not allowed to quote any names here. There are also a few electronic stores in Trinidad offering GPS devices with a local map on them.

Here's a little sample calculation featuring the cheapest device I could find that has a preloaded Trinidad & Tobago map on it (as of 24th June 2010):

LimeSim's GPS Map: Free
Navitel Navigator: 28 USD = ca. 175 TTD
Device with GPS Receiver: Check here for more info
Total: ca. 175 TTD not including GPS device

Map from a commercial publisher (sample): Preinstalled on device
Device from a local electronics store in Port of Spain 3450 TTD
Total: 3450 TTD

Let's be fair. Using our free map you will save a lot of money! There are a few limitations in our map as mentioned here (a few of them are the same as in other maps).
If you prefer to use a community-driven map, you are right with ours.
If you don't care about spending a few thousand TTDs and prefer continuous customer service (that we can't offer without getting paid for our map), the commercial alternative is right for you.