How much does it cost?

If you don't yet believe it yet: The map IS free! Unlike others we don't charge you unreasonable prices for a map covering a rather small part of the world. No catch. In fact you can count yourself lucky if you are a Trinbagonian because you can get a free GPS map covering your country! But yes, there are some costs:
Of course you have to get the necessary gear to use the map in your car. More information about that can be found here.

How do we cover our own costs?

Simply put: We don't!
What you get here for free is the result of 4 years of hard work and thousands of US Dollars investment. If you enjoy using our map, we would be happy if you would support our work with a donation. This will be used only to cover our server and software costs to make this map available to you.
To make a donation click the following button: