1. Get a GPS device
If you don't have one already, get a device that is supported by Navitel Navigator and has a GPS receiver installed. Please note that Blackberry's are NOT supported by Navitel Navigator!

The device of your choice must run one of the following operating systems:
- Google Android
- Symbian (usually Nokia and others)
- IPhone/iPad
- Bada

For more information check out the hardware requirements on Navitel's website: www.navitel.md

The map can also be downloaded through the latest Release of Venrut for a well-known brand of GPS devices. Please note that LimeSim doesn't claim responsibility for the Venrut map and therefore doesn't offer support for it.

2. Get Navitel Navigator
Install Navitel Navigator on your device.
Note: You can install and use Navitel Navigator on your device before purchasing it, but you won't be able to activate our map before you unlocked Navitel Navigator by buying it. Check their website for more information: www.navitel.md

LimeSim is NOT an affiliate of Navitel and LimeSim does not offer support for Navitel Navigator related problems! If you have problems using Navitel Navigator (including its activation), please contact Navitel's Support, NOT LimeSim!

Navitel Bug (Feb 5th 2013):
The current version of Navitel seems to have problems with displaying 3rd party maps on some devices (the T&T map IS a 3rd party map)! They are currently working on this issue and it will possibly be fixed in future versions of Navitel. If you are affected by this (meaning no map visible in Navitel), just drop an e-mail to their support at support@navitel.ru explaining the problem and asking for an older version's download link that works with 3rd party maps.

3. Download our map
Last but not least go ahead and download it! :-)
Click here!